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Staying Safe with Free Roaming Dogs

As part of our community based Dog Care and Control Program, we created a video for people living with free roaming dogs. Many community members feel threatened by free roaming dogs and many children and adults experience dog bites or scary encounters. The Task Force wishes to acknowledge the Siksika Justice Department and Leadership for their ongoing support. We are so fortunate to partner with this community that shares our beliefs. 


Mission Statement  We partner with communities who request guidance, support, and resources to humanely manage their companion animal population, in order to improve the safety of their community and the well being of the animals.

Vision Statement Humans and companion animals live in harmony in communities where compassion, respect and kindness guide their actions.

Special Thank You to Dogs Trust Worldwide for their support in the production of this video. 

 Siksika Justice Department Animal Control Officer: Norman Running Rabbit, Jr

Host: Alanna  Collicutt
ASNTF Dog Care & Control Program Manager

Sound Design: Six Degrees Sound/Music

Producer: Sue Hutch 

Production Crew: Bamboo Shoots Calgary

Community Members: April Iron Shirt, Kyle Stimson, Averey Bull Bear, Leonard Bear Shirt, Melanie Black,

We are grateful to Dyan Breaker, Senior Manager, Siksika Justice Department

The Alberta Spay & Neuter Task Force is proud to present “Staying Safe with Free Roaming Dogs” an educational video for communities living with Free Roaming Dog populations.

The Alberta Spay & Neuter Task Force (ASNTF) provides high volume, on site spay and neuter clinics as well as guidance, support and resources for community based Dog Care and Control Programs for First Nation communities. The Program includes legislation (bylaws), humane enforcement, licensing and registration of dogs, an accessible spay/neuter program, education, facilitating the sheltering of impounded or stray dogs, and a structured free pet food program for eligible community members. We provide these services by request of the First Nation.  

The clinics are licensed by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association and we must meet their guidelines in order to provide safe surgery for our patients. Since our inception, we have spayed/neutered, vaccinated and tattooed over 15,000 dogs and cats and re-homed over 6,000 pets through our partner rescue groups. We have partnered with  18 First Nations. Our goal is to reduce human/dog conflict in order to improve the safety in the community and to improve the health and well being of the companion animals living in these communities.

The Task Force also provides assistance in times of disaster for companion animals as well as in field vaccination clinics in response to Canine Distemper outbreaks.


That’s a wrap on our 2018 Spay & Neuter Clinic season!


The total number of animals spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tattooed and treated for parasites was over 2000!

An additional 769 relinquished or stray dogs and cats were placed with our partner rescue groups to be rehomed.

We assisted over 2750 animals thanks to our dedicated volunteers and supporters.


Our Deepest Gratitude!

Without donations and grants we would not be able to do the important work that we do. Thank you for believing in our cause, we are so grateful for your enormous generosity and support.


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